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Netta is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and mother.  With the skills and experience she has garnered from these three roles, Netta has developed a no-nonsense approach to life that was all but necessary once she decided to leave Corporate America.


In 2013, faced with the ripple effects of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Netta was laid off from a decade-long career in financial services and mortgage financing.  She recognized this as a blessing in disguise and seized the opportunity to start on a new path pursuing her passions.


Over the next four years, Netta cultivated her skills in business, client relations, and (her life-long dream) carpentry. In 2017, she joined forces with a friend to start PAC Leaders, a rising commercial construction company based in the City of Chicago.  In her current role as Business Manager, Netta creates synergy between the office and the field and oversees business operations.  PAC Leaders is creating a brand and a culture that aspires to inspire by bringing and keeping jobs in our communities and advocating for skilled tradespeople.  Along with being recognized at numerous events and ceremonies throughout the city, Netta and the PAC Leaders team have been featured on HGTV and DIY Network and are working to develop a construction-centric network of their own.


An artist at heart, Netta calls herself a Creator.  Outside of the office, she moonlights as a designer:  graphic, web, furniture, and fashion.  She has launched several business concepts and plans to spend the rest of her career finding new ways to reach people through artistic expression. Netta is passionate about inspiring Black women (especially her two daughters) to "Be Great" through personal empowerment, personal accountability, and self-sufficiency.  Her candor and authenticity keep people on their toes while inciting introspection. 


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