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Kendall Moore

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Kendall Moore’s dynamic background is both diverse and influential. His impact on the radio industry began at Western Illinois University. One of his earliest accomplishments in this field was securing a weekly show on the legendary black owned radio station, WVON 1690 AM. His controversial show challenged politicians on their promises and allowed the community to speak their minds on a plethora of topics. Since then, his show has evolved to include conversations regarding local and national politics, as well as social justice, police reform, arts and entrainment. The show is aired on Friday nights from 6-9pm CST on 1690 AM WVON or

In addition, for over 20 years Kendall has dominated the health and social justice industry. He currently serves as the Associate Director of Community Outreach and Mobilization for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). In this role he plays an integral role in developing advocacy strategies that leverages AHF’s grassroots and policy agenda.

Before joining AHF, Kendall served as the Director of Operations for the South Side Help Center, a non-for-profit organization responsible for providing a comprehensive menu of services to residents of Chicago.

Earlier in his career, as the Director of Correctional Health Care Initiatives, for the Chicago Department of Public Health, he was responsible for building relationships with federal, state and local elected officials regarding the pre and post health care needs of correctional populations. 

With much more that could be expounded about Kendall, to conclude, he is a proud 25 year member of “The” Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Inc.



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